Charles’ personal pages

Hello! Welcome to my pages. I am a first-year doctoral student at Aalto University. I am working on an interdisciplinary project in the LeTech (Learning + Technology) research group, which combines knowledge in computing education, and my interest in AI (in particular, NLP).

Recent news

Our paper “Speeding Up Automated Assessment of Programming Exercises” has been published in UKICER.

I toke part in the Nordic Probabilistic AI School in June.

Our paper: “Exploring How Students Solve Open-ended Assignments: A Study of SQL Injection Attempts in a Cybersecurity Course” has been accepted for publication at ITiCSE! It is now available.

I presented online our paper: “Methodological Considerations for Predicting at Risk Students” at ACE22.

Me and my research

I believe improving education is one of the best ways to impact society positively, and I consider AI a turning stone.

I initially came to Aalto to work on my master’s thesis. In my thesis, I leveraged data mining methods to study how students learn in online courses, and I trained machine learning models to investigate whether the discovered learning behaviors can predict which students will drop out. My research confirmed, among other things, that struggling with programming assignments is one of the main factors for dropping out of a course, highlighting once again the importance of supporting students when they learn how to program. However, from my personal experience as a teaching assistant, I know that it is difficult for educational teams to help each student, especially for large classes. My doctoral dissertation aims to address this problem. My goal is to develop Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods that can provide feedback highlighting and addressing issues in students solutions.

Stay tuned!

This website

It is a bit empty, but I will add more stuff over time. I will write on these pages primarily as an exercise because I believe part of being a researcher is being able to communicate effectively with others, both in-person and online. My goal is to use these pages to present who I am, showcase my work, and share my thoughts with others.